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Pray for the Blacks

August 18, 2009

I wanted to put this up as well tonight – Dr. Black, who has been a tremendous influence on our lives, posted over on his blog some news regarding his wife, Becky. She has been diagnosed “uterine papillary serous carcinoma.” Here is her original post about it.

Mrs. Black has posted a powerful series on suffering, so far including a first, second, and third part.

In the midst of this, Megan and I have already been taught much. Dr. Black had malayria several weeks ago and in the midst of both he and his wife’s recent difficulties I’ve been able to share their joy in the Lord during this time with others.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a good friend who I’ve been discipling, and we were talking about how the supreme joy of the gospel is not that Jesus helps you get something else (like a better life, job, or family) but instead that you “get God.” And since we come to know God who makes a commitment to us that cannot be broken, we therefore live lives of consistent joy. Our circumstances shouldn’t dictate our mood since the most important thing, the love of God, is in no way conditional.

As I finished making this point, I then pulled out my Blackberry and read him Mrs. Black’s e-mail that reflected on Dr. Black’s time in the hospital to illustrate:

I just talked to Dave….he sounds washed out, but is doing well.  He says to please pass along to everyone his special thanks for your prayers.  If our Lord is willing, this afternoon I will be bringing him home.  It will take another week to get “out of the woods”, so please continue to pray for him.   Malaria is not often seen in US hospitals, so news of his case travelled everywhere at UNC….and this issued many opportunities to share the Gospel and the joy of working for His Kingdom.  As with Paul’s imprisonment, God has already worked it for good and eternal benefit.  Praise Him!

All he said was “wow.” ’nuff said. Please pray for the Blacks.

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