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Peter O’Brien on Phil. 1:27

May 7, 2009

About finished with my exegetical paper on Phil. 1:27-30 for greek class – I came across this quote from Peter O’Brien’s commentary on Philippians and thought it was great:

“By admonishing the readers to live worthily of the gospel of Christ Paul draws attention once again to that dynamic personal entity (the gospel) to which he has referred so often in the chapter, in which Christ is mightily at work in its proclomation (for when the gospel is preached he is the one who speaks) and which at the same time has him at the centre of its content. By calling the Philippians to live worthily of the gospel Paul is reminding them of the prior action of God in their midst. At the same time ‘the gospel establishes the norm of the Philippians’ conduct’. As they are wholly committed to the advance of the gospel, that is, its dynamic onward march, they will walk worthily of the gospel by holding fast to it, preaching and confessing it in spite of opposition and temptation.”

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