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Preparing to Go

April 3, 2009

I’ll probably blog several times today since I’m getting ready to head out of the country to do mission work in Mexico next week. We’ll be returning to the same location to train local pastors, serve the local church, and do a baseball camp for the local kids.

Speaking of missionary work, I listened to Mark Driscoll preach twice yesterday on “Marriage and Men” and “Marriage and Women” from 1 Peter. It was a spectacularly challenging message that showed Driscoll’s heart for men to be men, and to reject both passivity and chauvinism. He often does a Q&A at the end of his sermons and one of the questions was this:

“What should I do if I feel called to the mission field but my husband feels like we should stay in Seattle?”

Driscoll’s immediate response was this – “the city you’re in is a mission field.” Awesome.

The language Christians use to describe “callings” is notoriously tricky and misleading. I’ve found the language I use to describe why I’m in seminary to be equally difficult. What am I here preparing to do?

Am I preparing to be in full time ministry? Well that’s the responsibility of every Christian. Am I training for missionary work? I believe every Christian is a missionary no matter where they’re located. I’m at Southeastern because I want to be as well-equipped as possible to live out, understand, teach and preach the Gospel, and follow Jesus wherever He leads. That can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, but “ministry” and “missions” do not hinge or wait on someone obtaining a M.Div or going overseas.

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