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A Spring Retreat Blast from the Past

March 27, 2009

Well I’ve heard all sorts of talk about Spring retreats coming up, and that got me thinking about my own favorite Spring retreat, which took place with Shandon Baptist Church in the Spring of ’06. That’s when Megan and I met in Myrtle Beach, SC – the following is a visual blast from the past of how it would all go down.

If you can look at the picture below, this is a picture taken the day before we would meet, but we’re in the same picture. Megan is in a pink shirt on the far right and I’m on the left showing Andy a picture.

We met the following day while shag dancing at Spring retreat. Yes, our Baptist Church did have the occasional shag dance. As you can see below, I was already quite funny (or funny looking) to Megan.

Afterward, Megan, Andy, Tim, and I would go walking on the beach in search of a beached whale. We never found it, but found out the next day that we were about 40 feet away when we decided to turn back. As you can see below, Andy was trying to get all the attention by being front and center.

A week later we would start dating after we talked through some pretty serious issues. She asked me if I casually dated and I asked her if she could be a pastor’s wife. I passed the test, and it went well from there. Here is a picture from us hanging out at the SC state capital building to raise awareness for the “invisible children” in Uganda.

We would also participate in less serious affairs, such as the Shandon Baptist “Monster Ball” – Megan wore an 80 year old pumpkin costume made by one of the older ladies in the church and I wore all my plaid and went as the Brawny paper towel man.

After that first picture was taken, it was a week until we started dating, 8 months until we were engaged, and a year and 4 months until we were married. But even before dating, we talked through everything and said that marriage was what we would pursue, if the Lord would allow it. And He did…

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  1. matthewcthomas permalink
    March 28, 2009 10:22 am

    2 problems:

    1. You said that you and meg met “while” shag dancing. So…did you start dancing with her and then meet her?

    2. You got married a year and 14 months after you met?

    3. this post was really funny

  2. March 28, 2009 11:02 am

    Matt –

    1. We actually met briefly earlier that day – I actually ran into a tree as I was introducing myself.

    2. Sorry for the typo – it has been fixed. If I did footnotes in my blog you would be thanked personally there. But i don’t, so you’ll have to be thanked in the comments section.

    3. thanks


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