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Some Gospel Links & Thoughts about “Culture-Mirroring”

March 19, 2009

A couple of good articles about the Gospel:

Here’s one from John Piper about never letting the Gospel get smaller.

My good friend Mark sent me this interesting article about the Gospel and the “crazy” local church. Here’s a good quote:

In doing so, we have become willing to be more politically correct, to change gender roles for God, to personify God in ways He was never meant to be. And we have done so all in our feeble attempts to make the Gospel presentable to a world that doesn’t seem to want anything to do with it. Our hearts may be in the right place, but our actions have possibly been more detrimental than helpful. God doesn’t need our creativity to reach the masses. We have overstated the Mars Hill argument of Acts 17 far too often. In the passage, Paul is found using cultural examples to bring the Gospel to the people of Athens. While this is effective at times and is obviously biblical, we are taking it too far to overuse only the method found in this one passage.

I’ve got no problem with websites, marketing techniques, podcasts, facebook, twitter, blogs, videos etc. But, can’t we at least be genuine and straightforward about our purpose? Do we have to hide the Gospel as much as possible, or throw it in at the end of an event in an obligatory fashion? What’s the problem with looking someone in the eye, showing them you care about them, and saying, “look, this is what we’re about…”?

Perhaps what the world wants is not a slightly-spiritualized version of itself that does nothing more than mirror cultural trends, all packaged under the “church” brand. Instead, maybe what people are looking for (whether they realize it or not) is a culture that is radically different than the perpetually-unsatisfying one they already experience every day. This should be the church.

I conclude with an interesting quote that I came across the other day from Tim Keller:

“The church is not simply an aggregation of individuals who are saved, but it is a ‘pilot plant’ of what humanity would look like under the Lordship of Christ. We are to show the world a whole new way of being human.”

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