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Some thoughts on political involvement

January 27, 2009

I write this in light of the video that I posted below.

The amount of involvement and commentary a Christian should have within the political spectrum is a difficult (and dangerous) issue. Many young evangelicals have been so turned off by the religious right that any Christian commentary that involves politics is thought to be both disgusting and wrongly placed. I understand and resonate with most of that sentiment, but have found the response by many young evangelicals to be too reactionary.

As my ethics professor said this week in class, we are mistaken if we assume that just because an issue reaches into the political spectrum then Christians should always remain quiet. With an issue like abortion I feel the responsibility to speak out because it is a direct violation of God’s will. If it really is murder then I can’t just smile and pretend that because the issue is settled in Washington then it’s not my place to say anything.

So I’ll remain passionately (and verbally) opposed to Obama’s recent abortion legislature, but will remain quiet about his taxation policies, even if I happen to disagree on the grounds of personal opinion. Because the issue is one of opinion rather than Biblical truth, it would be wrong to make something like that a major issue (and stumbling block) towards those who might not be believers. This is why I am very careful and hesitant to post on issues that enter into the political realm.

I agree that we can’t legislate morality. I couldn’t feel stronger that Christians must strive for a heart change more than a change of the law. However, I also won’t act like the issue of murder is a matter of personal opinion, and not binding on the nation as a whole, whether Christian or not.

The lesson to learn from the religious right fiasco is not to be quiet about every issue that may involve politics. It’s to pick the right issues to defend. Let’s not act like Jesus is pro-war, anti-nature, and for major tax cuts for the wealthy. But let’s also not act like Jesus is neutral towards the fact that millions of lives, created in the image of God, have never been given the chance to make it out of the womb.

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  1. January 27, 2009 11:28 pm

    Interesting post. I think political involvement can be a great thing if its done in the spirit of service. People can be hateful in their speech or actions, in fact that sometimes seems common these days, but a better way is to defend your principles without hate. Debate is what the US of A is all about.

  2. matt thomas permalink
    February 2, 2009 9:59 pm

    i disagree with you slightly, but i won’t post about. we can talk over the phone about it.

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