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In memory of Chico (1996-2009)

January 27, 2009
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Chico was our beloved beagle in the Knapp family.  My older brother, Kenny, and I travled to Peru (where my Mom was born and raised) with my grandparents several years ago. I was almost 9 and Kenny had just turned 13. When we got back to the great state of South Carolina, my parents surprised us with Chico. He was a pup from the Rescue Society. Chico has been a part of my life ever since. Even when I went to school at USC and since I have moved to Wake Forest, one of my favorite parts about coming home is getting to see Chico. Chico passed away this past Friday. My parents and little brother Kevin were able to be there as he died. My Mom said that he spent the whole week in my Dad’s garage and a few moments before he actually passed away, he came down to the patio and stood in front of the back door until they came outside. My Mom sat with him for his last few moments. I told Kevin that he had to be strong for me and Kenny since we were not there to say bye to Chico. Kevin was his first friend before he met Kenny or me and Kevin was there to say bye to him in the end. We will miss Chico and there will never be another non-hunting hispanic cultured beagele like Chico.

Some memories we have of Chico-

1. Being surprised with a puppy was so cool!

2. Chico’s tail had accidentally been shut in a door before we got him, leaving his tail crooked for his whole life. It was crooked when it laid flat and it was crooked as it wagged and it stayed crooked when it was straight up in the air as he would do his occasional beagle bark.

3. Occasional beagle bark…He never got the true beagle bark down. I guess with a name like Chico he somehow figured out he wasn’t going to be hunting.

4. He loved to go hiking with us in the mountains. Each hike, he would run a great distance in front of us until he was no longer comfortable with not knowing where we were. He would then run back towards us, make eye contact with us as if to say “good, everyone is still here” and then run a ways in front of us again. Our family began to see this as normal Chico behavior and we learned not to worry about him. He wasn’t leaving us.

5. With my Dad’s detached garage, we ended up getting several cats throughout the years. The first few days of each cat’s life with the Knapps, Chico would try to intimidate and be the man of the house. It never worked; he became best friends with each one. I have several pics of Chico and a few of the cats sharing Chico’s doggy bed during a nap. Kevin says that Bob, the current cat, is acting differently now that Chico is not here anymore.

6. The dear children that I babysat for growing up (Trey, Julieanne, and Hayden) could never master the name Chico. Julie and Hayden always called him “Tico”.

7. He disappeared for several months a few years ago. Someone ended up finding him in Anderson (a town about 30 mins down the road from my parents house). When we went to retrieve him, he was skin and bones. To this day, we have no idea what happened to him or how in the world he got to Anderson. We do know he was a survivor.

8. In my opinion, he had the perfect blend of beagle colors. True black, brown, and white. Chico was a handsome little beagle.

9. He came to know and like Bryan very quickly after Bryan came into my life.

10. Our house has a random mix of carpet and floor. Chico was trained to never go on the carpets. Still don’t know how he learned, but he did it so well.

11. Chico was never quite tall enough to be able to look fully in the back door of the house. Whenever he stood by the back door, all you saw were his sweet little black eyes. He would just sit and wait for you to look at him to let him in. I will always remember the way that looked.

Chico, we love you and we will always miss you. xoxo

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  1. Johnsons permalink
    January 27, 2009 11:17 pm

    Oh Megan! Such sweet memories. Thanks for adding the kids. They will be sad that Chico is gone. I will have to let them read Chico memeorial. He was a sweet dog. Always protecting his home. I remember he always seemed to escape death like a cat with nine lives. Maybe his closeness to family cats rub off on him.

  2. matt thomas permalink
    January 28, 2009 1:31 pm

    bryan can comfort you from his experience with Sportscat…Tara and I are sad too. I’m sure Chico was awesome!

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