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“Returning Evangelism to the Local Church”

January 23, 2009

I feel like I’ve been linking to Dr. Black’s blog almost daily in the past few weeks, but here’s another great article that he wrote that articulates much of what I feel about evangelism. Below is an excerpt, and click here for the full article.

For most of us, the problem is not one of indifference. We long for people to come to Christ and be changed forever. Our problem is inactivity. And behind it all is a lack of motivation or even a lack of faith that God can use us. We must pray that the same missionary Spirit of the Book of Acts would fall upon us afresh. At the same time, we must beware of counterfeit “fads” in evangelism that ignore the incarnational aspect of missions. How easily we reduce witnessing to passing out a tract or placing a bumper sticker on our car, not that those things are bad in and of themselves. We stay aloof from human sin and tragedy. We love the lost, but not sacrificially. It costs us little to leave a tract with our restaurant server. It is far more difficult to engage him or her in conversation. However, the very shape of Christian mission is cruciform. People are receptive to the Gospel when we enter into their suffering. How often we fail to utilize God-given opportunities to witness!

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