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Why I’m a Southern Baptist (Pt. 1 of 6)

December 8, 2008

My friend Matt Thomas texted me last week to say I should blog about what I think it means to be theologically conservative – the following is the fruit of that suggestion. What will follow is a series of explanations of why I am a Southern Baptist, which will in some small way be an explanation of what I think are some of the core (and most important) components of a conservative theology. In essence, if Southern Baptists didn’t strive to embody the key components of a conservative theology then I wouldn’t be at one of their seminaries.

Let me begin by saying this – I had no reason to attend a Southern Baptist seminary because of cultural or family obligation. The first Southern Baptist Church I ever went to was in college, so it’s not as though I grew up going to the church that has a pew named after my Grandma Pearl. As I first pursued seminary almost any and every denominational affiliation was a possibility, and I wound up at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the six SBC seminaries.

Being at a Southern Baptist seminary has immersed me into Southern Baptist life, and because of that I’ve been able to see the good and the bad, and still feel comfortable within the denomination. The following series will go as following:

1. Preface (this post)

2. Recognizing Denominational Dangers

3. A Committment to the Bible

4. A Willingness to Reform

5. A Zeal for Missions

6. A Mixed Bag of Benefits

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