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An Evening That’ll Make you Think

October 24, 2008

Wednesday night Megan and I got to hang out with Patrick’s youth group since he was out of town. I tried to continue the theme established by Patrick where he’s been working with them on “defending the faith,” and Andy when he talked to the youth about thinking critically as a Christian on their fall retreat. We spent the night studying the doubt of Thomas in John 20:24-29, talking about how to handle doubt and questions about the Christian faith, and discussing questions the youth had about the faith. I was amazed at how thoughtful these high schoolers were, and the quality of their questions. Some of the questions we talked through or were submitted were:

How do I know the Bible is true?

Did Jesus have a Bible?

If I’m not evangelizing am I saved myself?

Why didn’t Jesus or Paul have a last name?

What great questions! As I told them, because Jesus is God there is no question that we have to worry about presenting to Him that He won’t be able to answer. Here’s the key – check yourself first and try to identify why you’re asking the question. Is it because you are genuinely seeking an answer, or is it a means to make an excuse for not believing? This was a great time, and these guys really made me think!

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