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Um… please don’t do this to us

September 12, 2008

I’m sure all have seen it by now, but Moreno’s leap was ridiculous. Great. Just in time for the Dawgs to come into Columbia. Here’s some more pictures from this site. I think for the last three years we’re always the team featured on half of the Heisman candidates’ “best play” film. It happened last year with McFadden and Tebow. Can we please play this game so that we don’t receive a thank you letter from Knowshown Moreno in December for helping him bring home the Heisman? Please?

What happens this weekend? Well, Smelley AND Garcia play. Gamecocks keep it close through the first three quarters, defense steps up, offense misses opportunities, and it comes back to get the Gamecocks in the end.

Garnet and Black glasses prediction: Gamecocks 14- Dawgs 10

If I bet money on the game: Dawgs 21 – Gamecocks 10

Hopefully they prove me wrong – Go Gamecocks!

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