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What now?

September 5, 2008

I’ll just go ahead and make this a whole new post. After last night’s loss I posted what I think the rest of the season will look like here. I’m not ready to jump ship yet. Maybe I’m in denial, but I think that Carolina can still win 7 games and make to a bowl at least (and beat Clemson).

But seriously, did we just lose to Vanderbilt two years in a row? This isn’t your daddy’s Vanderbilt, keep in mind that they almost beat UGA last year. But it’s still inexcusable to lose this game in year four of the Spurrier campaign. The team will improve. Smelley played well in my opinion, the Oline will get better with the addition of Jamon Meredith next Saturday, and the Defense was put in terrible positions all night because of mistakes. Special teams? Wow. That’s all that needs to be said about that.

Next week should be interesting. I still think UGA is overrated, and Carolina traditionally plays them close. Could USC beat UGA? I think so. Will they? Probably not. But next week will really reflect the character of the team, and will show whether or not they’ve given up on the season. Until then, we Gamecocks will feel a lot like this:

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