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Star Players in Weird Uniforms

August 7, 2008

Does seeing this make you cringe a little bit?

Brett Favre

It’s hard to see a star player associated with a particular franchise stay put on another jersey. Although Favre will never again wear the Packer green and gold, it’s not unprecedented. The following are a few examples of guys who finished off careers with different organizations that partially makes you want to gouge out your eyes because it looks so weird. So let’s step back into history…

Emmit Smith, for example, finished with the Arizona Cardinals:

Coach Spurrier will finish his career with the Gamecocks (although that’s awesome and he looks better in Garnet and Black then he ever did in orange and blue):

Broadway Joe finished his career with the Rams:

49er Joe Montana became a KC Chief:

Jerry Rice left the Niners for both the Raiders and Seahawks:

Don’t forget, Favre wasn’t always a Packer. My Falcons did what they do best, and wasted more incredible talent:

The moral of the story is that although it may be weird and everybody on ESPN is going nuts about whether or not this will “tarnish Favre’s legacy,” the truth is that in 5 years nobody will even talk about how he finished his career with the Jets unless he does something incredible like win a Super Bowl. He’ll always be a Packer, just like Rice and Montana will always be a Niner. But at least we get to enjoy watching #4 play for another year or two.

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