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Trouble already brewing in the SEC

July 25, 2008

Well it’s SEC Media week, which means that football season is almost here. In case you’re wonderi if the SEC will be entertaining or not this year, two major controversies have already taken place.

1. Phil Fulmer was subpoenaed

2. Urban Meyer spoke in the third person in reference to Urban Meyer’s disgust with Mark Richt’s disrespect of Urban Meyer:

“That wasn’t right. It was a bad deal,” Meyer says in the book, which is scheduled for a September release. “And it will forever be in the mind of Urban and in the mind of our football team. … So we’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.”

Fortunately everything is quiet for the Gamecocks-there will be nothing notable other than a million questions about who will be the QB, how many more years Spurrier will coach, and how his golf game was in the offseason. The Game is on!

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  1. July 25, 2008 1:55 pm

    Now Mr. Barley,

    you know that I am a die hard, haven’t missed a home game since ’86, Clemson fan, but I have to say a few things concerning the Gamecocks this year that are somewhat positive, – call it a realistic (albeit orange) viewpoint of the scarlet and black.

    The defense is going to be the best in some time in Columbia (if not ever). The defensive line is big and deep. Clemson wanted Cliff Matthews bad and offered Travian Robertson. Geathers also was a top flight prospect and priority. “Ladi”, Hall, and Ellis (a 350 pound monster) are talented mountains at tackle. Why is Pepper slated to start? Hmmm.

    The linebackers are the size of most teams defensive ends. See Clemson’s Sapp and Alexander, 6-4 245 and 6-3 240, respectively, vs. Brinkley and Norwood, 6-1 260 and 6-2 270, respectively. In those two you have two active play-makers. And Paulk isn’t bad either.

    Need we mention the secondary? They are one or two in the SEC. They are fast and aggressive hitters. Munnerlyn and Cook are NFL ready.

    All in all, this defense with Ellis Johnson at the controls, has all the tools to be a top 15 defense nationally, which usually translates to an allowance of 15-18 points per game and around 300-325 yards per. That sounds about right for this team, which would be remarkable against the offensive likes of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, and yes, Clemson.

    The question then is will you score more than 18 points per game? Therein lies the problem that I see for this USC edition. Will they average 19 points per game? Sure. But will the majority of that come against the likes of Wofford, UAB, Kentucky, NC State, Vandy, and a down Arkansas? I’m inclined to think so.

    Quarterback, no matter how you slice it, is not a position of question, but a position of need. Smelley does not scare me. Garcia might, – if he had ever taken a college snap before. It would be an interesting study to see the success rate of teams with green or average quarterback play in the SEC.

    Beyond that, I see problems on the offensive line, although they should be improved from last year.

    Mike Davis is average. He is no home run threat. He seems undisciplined. However, I’d be excited about Eric Baker, – I think he is the wildcard here. He is a home run threat…a playmaker quite unlike anything that USC has had, for even Boyd was big, strong, and powerful. Baker is shifty.

    McKinley is All-SEC caliber. But who else? Jared Cook has always impressed me, but he is underutilized. Maybe Lecorn will help out?

    All in all, I’d say that this offense will be seventh or eighth in the SEC. 24 points per game may be pushing it, but it sounds about right with the softies on the schedule. It’s in SEC play that the real answers will be found.

    So, in the spirit of preseason pigskin mania, I’ll leave you with my projection for USC:

    1. USC 23 NC State 13
    2. USC 20 Vandy 14
    3. Georgia 24 USC 16
    4. USC 41 Wofford 10
    5. USC 34 UAB 14
    6. USC 17 Ole Miss 13
    7. USC 30 Kentucky 23
    8. LSU 24 USC 20
    9. USC 27 Tennessee 24
    10. USC 28 Arkansas 17
    11. Florida 45 USC 14
    12. Clemson 27 USC 17

    8-4 overall; 5-3 SEC East.

    Thoughts on Clemson?

  2. July 25, 2008 2:37 pm

    Brother Mahon,

    Excellent analysis – I was going to write a pre-season analysis of the Gamecocks but I may just copy and paste yours! But you can expect a response as well as some thorough Clemson analysis in the next week or so – we’re heading to Columbia in about 10 minutes for a wedding so I’ll be computerless for the weekend. I appreciate the thoughts.

    Click Clack!

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