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April 17, 2008

A great idea that my new friend, Jonathan Parnell, had while in Mexico was trying to journal-blog through a book. This way we could both digest the book in a more thorough manner, but not have to find a time where we can get together every week with our schedules. The book we chose is Dennis Johnson’s Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures. This book emphasizes the supremacy of Christ in all the Scriptures, especially in the Old Testament. This is expressed beautifully by Johnson when he writes:

Reading and preaching the Bible redemptive historically is more than
drawing lines to connect Old Testament types in ‘Promise Column A’ with New Testament antitypes in ‘Fulfillment Column B.’ It is recognizing that Adam’s, Abraham’s and Israel’s entire experience was designed from the beginning to foreshado the end, and that ancient believers experienced true but limited foretastes of sweet grace because in the fullness of the times, Jesus, the beloved Son, would keep the covenant and bear the curse on their behalf and ours (17).

Jonathan has already written an excellent summary of chapter 1, and I’ll be writing a summary of chapter 2 in the next few days. If you’ve happened to read the book or have any thoughts about reading the Bible as narrative, feel free to include your thoughts at

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